“Alexander Distillery” is a boutique style cellar of select production of family type craft hight alcohol beverages and wine, which has no analogy.
It is located in Kvemo Kartli region, in a village Alekseevka of Tetri Tskaro Municipality (70 km from Tbilisi) in the Trialeti mountains and Algeti National Park (1 200m above the sea level).

Cellar is specialized in Georgian traditional wines and European style wines. There is produced a little amount of 100% hand crafted first Georgian craft whiskey and high quality “Chacha” (pomace vodka) and fruit brandy.

Contact information
Tetritskaro, | Aleqseevka
Mob.: (+995 599) 57 70 72
Mob.: (+995 599) 93 45 51


Our Philosophy is Simple
develop local production by bringing tradition and innovation together.
This makes our products uniq.



Each bottle is designed individually with an original handmade label (conception Wine & Art).


A Fortified, Aromatized Wine “SHARBAT - TIFLIS”
Conception “Old Tiflis”.


Georgian whiskey “ALEXANDER” - triple distilled in qvevri and aged in oak barrels.


Chacha “ALEXANDER” - double distilled in qvevri